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Reddaway Non-Asbestos Oil Field Blocks

       REDDAWAY Brake Blocks are made by America's oldest manufacturer of quality brake linings. They are produced on the most modern equipment under strict scientific control. Of equal importance is the emphasis REDDAWAY places on research, development and field testing...a never ending task designed to keep REDDAWAY products tops in their field.

       Made from a solid woven non-asbestos carcass and impregnated with a resin-oil compound. The untreated non-asbestos lining is impregnated in a vacuum autoclave with our exclusive compound. It is then subjected to alternate curing and rolling processes which make a dense, noncompressible product. Final high temperature baking bonds it into a tough heavy duty lining.

       REDDAWAY Bonded Woven is high in frictional value. A scientifically proportioned wire content dissipates heat rapidly and providees proper lubrication for the prevention of scoring and noise.

       The braking action is exceptionally responsive and smooth. The friction will not fade out under tough going.

       REDDAWAY Bonded Woven is particularly recommended for use on power shovels, cranes and drag lines: oil field rotaries, spudders, well servicing machines, winches, reels; all other mining, oil field and industrial applications.

       RNAW while semi-rigid is FLEXIBLE enough for easy handling and can be applied to fairly small drum diameters without special arcing. Cab=n be used internally or externally as it is ground on both sides.

       For convenient, easy handling and storing, REDDAWAY Brake Blocks are neatly packaged one - half set per carton, complete with hardware. A few extra bolts and nuts are always included.

       Woven Bolt - Hole Plugs are furnished with sets 1/2 - inch or greater in thickness.

       OVERSIZE: Oversize sets furnished at proportionate prices.

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