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RNAW Non-Asbestos Woven Friction Material

Reddaway non-asbestos industrial brake linings are the cumulation of over 20 years of field and laboratory testing by leading OEM manufacturers and aftermarket users.

Since it's introduction in 1983, Reddaway's non-asbestos RNAW lining has achieved a worldwide reputation as the only non-asbestos woven that is a direct replacement for asbestos without exception.
Woven Friction Material Description:
A woven non-asbestos lining. The carcass consists of brass wire inserted yarns containing a mixture of organic and inorganic fibers, including Kevlar. The woven tape is vacuum impregnated for thorough saturation with an oleoresinous compound. Long slow curing with alternate rolling and compressing and a final high temperature step cure bonds the material into an extremely dense and strong product with an excellent friction and wear characteristics. Surfaces are ground to +0.005" of nominal thickness.
Woven Friction Material Use:
For band brakes and band clutch service, both wet or dry. Also general use where high friction lining is required. Material is flexible and may be formed to radius cold or with heating to 250°F. May be used on steel or cast iron drums.
Woven Friction SAE J661 Test
Specifications of Woven Friction Roll Lining
Recommended Operating Range:
Should not exceed 500°F
Unit Pressure:
200 psi Max.
Friction Level:
0.40 Dynamic
0.42 Static
Physical Properties:
Max rubbing speed - 5000 FT/Min.
Tensile Strength 3543 PSI
Sizes Available: Widths to 20" ground: thickness 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8". 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8". Available on special order 1", 1-1/8".
Lengths: 25' or 30' woven rolls. 50' and 75' woven rolls available in certain sizes. Special lengths, rings, discs, flat sheets and diamond groove are also available.
Federal standard HHL-361 - may be certified TYPE TWO.